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Earn a Vocational Arts Diploma in Traditional Midwifery

Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery is part of the vibrant, living history of midwifery in America, as the first midwifery school in the world to offer a Traditional Midwifery Vocational Arts Diploma and Certification.

MSTM has been educating midwives, doulas and birth workers for nearly a quarter of a century and students enroll in our programs, especially for midwifery education, from around the globe. MSTM is the first Traditional Midwifery school to ever be licensed by the State of Michigan and the only school in North America offering a Vocational Arts Diploma and Certification in Traditional Midwifery. MSTM is known for leadership in educational innovation through the development of distance learning programs related to natural childbirth.

Our programs offer flexible opportunities to study without leaving home so students can meet family and personal obligations while pursuing an education.

Our purpose is to provide education that facilitates academic advancement, personal growth and vocational career opportunities for those answering the timeless calling to birth work and midwifery. MSTM students are regarded as unique, self-motivated individuals who are passionate about natural birth and willing to take charge of their own learning experiences. They are respected as being creative achievers and encouraged to be lifelong learners. MSTM students are a culturally diverse community of free-thinkers who are inspired by the process of birth and motivated to make a difference in their local communities.

MSTM's Mission

Midwife education To offer quality educational programs through correspondence/assisted studies, self-enrichment programs, workshops, scholarships & outreach programs.

Midwifery education To provide affordable midwifery education and childbirth related certificate programs that will foster personal development and enhance future life goals.

Midwife school We promote Midwifery education and a woman's right to learn about her body and foster self-confidence about her body functions and the processes that occur naturally.

Midwifery school We respect the process of birth as a normal body function and support a woman's right to birth naturally.

Midwife education We believe that midwifery is an ancient, time honored, woman-centered vocational art - undefinable in medical terms.

Traditional Midwife We support and advocate for the preservation of authentic midwifery, midwifery education and the community created Traditional Midwife.

Traditional Midwifery We support and advocate for a birthing woman's right to choose her place of birth and birth attendants, i.e., home or hospital birth, assisted or unassisted birth.

Midwife education We respect the traditions and diversity of women around the globe.

In 2011, Casey Makela, Founder of Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery, was honored to be selected as one of the 25 midwives
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Traditional midwifery school, midwife education

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