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Belly Casting
Perserving a Mothering Moment in Time!

Gently Borne Midwifery, Michigan home birth services, midwife assisted homebirth Pregnancy is a precious time in a women's life. Now you can keep the memory alive with a specialty belly cast that will preserve the treasured memory of the mother/infant bond with a unique body sculpture that is truly a mothering art form. Artist/Midwife Casey Makela will expertly create your belly cast with attention to detail and careful consideration to the individual you are.

Casey is a Certified Traditional Midwife whose Gently Borne & Blessed Beginings Midwifery Services has served northern Michigan since 1985. She the Director of Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery & Certified Body Casting Tec with years of experience. She will be happy to work on the details of creating a belly mask, before - during or after your pregnancy, designed just for you!

A Belly Casting Session is a perfect gift for a baby shower as a gift certificate or even as the shower event! Sessions are available

  • In your home
  • At a baby shower
  • At the beautiful Mother Time Art Studio in Harrisville Michigan
A professional session with Traditional Midwife & Belly Casting Artist Casey Makela, is available in Northeastern Michigan and surrounding areas. Call today for a free consultation and learn about the variety of exciting options that are available! 989-736-7627

And in keeping yourself with labour you are in truth loving life,
and to love life through labour is to be intimate with life’s inmost secret.
- George Eliot