Serving home birth families in north east Michigan since 1985

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Doula Services

“Doula” is a Greek word which means “female servant” or “helper”. Today, the title refers to a professionally trained woman who provides support services and knowledgeable care to childbearing women and families.

While doulas are well-informed about new mothers and babies, they are not medical care providers and are not licensed to perform medial assessment or treatment.

A professional Doula provides the much needed support services of quality childbirth education and mothering support services.

Doula Services Include:
  • Labor Support
  • Extra Pair of Hands for Midwife & Parents
  • Go out for food for partner
  • Get extra pillows, blankets, ice chips for mother
  • Take Pictures
  • Encouragement & Reassurance
  • Validation of feeling
  • Run shore errands
  • Prepare meals and snacks for the new mother & family
  • launder baby clothes or perform light cleaning

Mighty is the force of motherhood.
- George Eliot