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Traditional Midwifery Student. Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery.

Dear Casey;
Thank you for all that your school has provided for me. I'd like to sincerely say that being a student of MSTM has meant so much to me and has provided me with abounding opportunities. I'm glad that there are people like you who care enough to try to train those of us interested in Midwifery. I never really understood why my mentor midwife would always say, "you know, you're lucky to have that kind of academic training...because when I was comming up, there wasn't anything like that."   Those were merely words until recently.        Thank you!     - CBC, 2001

Enrollment Information
Enrollment at MSTM, in all programs, may be done at any time of the year. To enroll in an MSTM program, you must FIRST order a school catalog (order below), then complete and submit the catalog-enclosed application for the program of your choice.

Once your application is received, you will be contacted either by phone or e-mail.

In the Traditional Midwifery program, once your 1st assignment has been submitted (as directed in the student guidelines), you will be assigned a Midwifery Academic Mentor, or "MAM". This will be a graduate of MSTM's Traditional Midwifery program who, along with the program director (and possibly others), are available for support, networking and encouragement. Due to the difficult economy and soaring gas prices, attendance at MSTM's midwifery skills workshop is no longer mandatory. Traditional Midwifery students may attend midwifery workshops located closer to them. Skills checks may be done with a preceptor.

Visit our Tuition information page for questions about program costs and financial aid information.

MSTM Catalog Orders
We generally send catalog orders out within 2 business days. However, on occasion, catalog mailings are delayed if there is an upcomming enrollment special. These specials can be a savings of up to several hundred dollars off of select programs - especially the Traditional Midwifery program - and we want to afford that opportunity to as many people as possible. We do not advertise these specials otherwise. If you would rather have your catalog information sent immediately, please put a note in the PayPal comment box.
We charge a small fee for catalogs (non-refundable $9.50 in the US, $15.50 outside the US, US funds only ). This helps keep tuition affordable. Click the link to place your order and we will send you an MSTM School Catalog which includes a program application, scholarship information, and a sample issue of The CALLING. Catalog fee is refunded upon enrollment in any program, with full tuition payment.

Catalog order in the US
Catalog order outside the United States