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Paying for your Midwifery Education

Paying for your midwifery education

Paying for your midwifery education and working out the financial concerns of being a student is an important part of your midwifery journey and careful planning is essential.

Funding Opportunities
It is a simple fact, the midwifery education offered by Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery is not only exceptional in quality, our tuition is extremely reasonable. Our goal has always been to keep our programs affordable and we have managed to do just that over the years, through thick and thin, without compromising the value of our programs.

The difficult economy we all face makes it more important than ever before to plan ahead, be thrifty, and look for creative ways to finance your education. Just be realistic. Education is an investment, and as such, there will certainly be out of pocket costs even if you are able to get assistance or scholarships.

Scholarships & Grants
Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery offers valuable annual scholarships grants and awards for the Traditional Midwifery program.

Educational scholarships are also sometimes available from local church groups. In some cases, those scholarships are available even to people beyond the congregational community. Every church group is different, so do your research. As well, most communities have special interest groups who also might be a resource for you. In appreciation for any assistance you might acquire, consider volunteering several times for one of the special interest projects hosted by that church or organization.

Payment Plan
MSTM offers a payment plan to help students get started. This payment plan requires an application review and personal interview for approval, and requires a down payment.

Enrollment Discounts
Throughout the year, enrollment discounts are periodically offered in the form of coupons which, when offered, are included in the school catalog. These specials are not advertised elsewhere. Discount coupons are generally offered for the Traditional Midwifery academic program only, and can be worth up to several hundred dollars off enrollment. However, these discounts may not be used with MSTM's payment plan, nor can they be used with scholarship awards.

MSTM Midwifery Loans - Traditional Midwifery academic program only

  • Funding available $1,000 towards tuition.
  • Terms of loan: Loans are offered at 4% interest with low monthly payments. Payments begin upon enrollment acceptance.
  • This loan is only available for full tuition payment. It is not available for use with Scholarships, Awards, Grants or Enrollment Discounts.
  • Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery student loans are not Federally funded.

    Visa - MasterCard - American Express
    Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery accepts tuition payment through Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Please contact the school for more information.
    Express gratitude for financial gifts towards your midwifery education.

    Family Assistance
    Consider making your need for educational financial assistance known to your immediate and extended family members. Holiday and birthday gifts could be a good resource. Remember, show your sincere appreciation by sending a timely thank you card with a heart-felt, hand written note of gratitude. Money is not something that is easily available to most people, and a monetary gift of any amount is a loving and thoughtful gesture.

    Credit Unions might be a source to acquire a low interest personal loan.

    Alternative Loans
    Students may be able to find money for their education through alternative loan sources. Many lenders offer private loans to help students cover allowable educational expenses. These loans are often referred to as “private” or “alternative loans”. Such loans are not part of Federal government loan programs and terms may vary according to the lender.

    Alternative loans can help pay for midwifery education. If you are considering an alternative loan, we strongly encourage you to carefully research and compare different lenders to choose the loan that is best for your circumstances. Remember, interest rates, fees, repayment periods, rebates, etc. may vary according to the lender and/or the loan program. In order to remain competitive, lending institutions often reevaluate and adjust their alternative loan programs.

    Students may select the lender of their choice. Finaid.org maintains a thorough list of private lenders. Finaid.org is solely responsible for the updating, accuracy and all content of their lists and information.

    Financial Aid
    At the present time MSTM does not accept VA benefits or other government funding programs. Students do not participate in Federally funded financial aid programs available through the United States Department of Education and thus we do not issue a Form 1098T as indicated by IRS Publication 970. General student loan information be found here: Private Student Loans

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