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In Loving Memory of Karen Kamyszek, CTM

Karen served women as a community centered Traditional Midwife for over 30 years.
She was a an academic director for Michigan School of Traditional and a tireless home birth activist.
Midwifery was her passion, family was her motivation, women and birth were her joy and inspiration.
She was dearly loved and is sadly missed by all who knew her.

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Into These Hands, wisdom from midwives©
edited by Geradine Simkins

"....a comprehensive anthology of the life stories of 25 remarkable women who have dedicated their lives and careers to the path of midwifery and social change.

The stories deliver a compelling historical perspective on the culture of childbirth in America, insight into what really matters to women, wisdom about how to properly welcome newborns into their families, inspiration about how to courageously take charge of one’s life, and clear guidance for reforming our maternity care system."

- quoted from     www.WisdomFromMidwives.com

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“The women who share these stories are more than midwives—they are visionaries, revolutionaries, healers and heroes. This book is for anyone, like myself, who lives in awe of midwives, and if that does not include you, be prepared to be converted.”

-Ricki Lake, actor, television host, executive producer of documentary The Business of Being Born

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