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Traditional Midwifery Program Description
Traditional Midwifery Diploma       Traditional Midwifery Honor Society

Midwifery School
Traditional Midwifery
Academic Program

A three year distance learning academic program. MSTM's comprehensive midwifery curriculum incorporates MANA Core Competencies for midwifery and many of our students have passed the NARM CPM exam through the PEP application.

Submitted work and research projects are evaluated and progress is monitored through periodic closed book self-assessment work sheets. Various study sections integrate skills from NARM Form 201. Hands-on clinical and practical skills can be obtained through a preceptor, apprenticeship or midwifery skills workshops.

 Intensive Preparatory Supplement module, Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery, midwife education While the enrollment period is 3 years, students who devote greater time to their studies are often able to complete the program in less than 3 years. However, those students who find their personal schedules a bit more challenging may find that they need more than 3 years to complete the program and for those students MSTM offers affordable 6 month enrollment extensions. You do not have to be in an apprenticeship to enroll in the Traditional Midwifery program. However, investing your time in academic study and completing MSTM's in-depth midwifery program has the powerful potential to open doors of career and occupational opportunity in the future.

Many graduates from MSTM's Traditional Midwifery program find employment in a variety of settings, including private practice, birth centers, practice as CPM's, missions overseas, and much more.

Traditional Midwifery Acadmic Program Overview:
Distance education for midwives Basic Anatomy & Physiology
Traditional Midwives Nutrition
Distance education for midwives Basic Gynecology
Midwife School Pregnancy
Midwife School Prenatal Care
Midwifery study Human Development
Midwifery Labor & Birth
Midwifery education Intrapartum Care
Midwifery Variations of Labor & Birth
Midwifery student Postpartum Care
Midwife Education Herbal Studies
Midwives Research Projects
Traditional Midwifery The Art of Midwifery Care
Midwifery practice The Management of Midwifery Practice
Midwifery and More!

Sample of Recommended Text Books
Holistic Midwifery Volume One   by Anne Frye
Holistic Midwifery Volume Two   by Anne Frye
Nurse Midwifery   by Helen Varney
Human Labor and Birth   Oxorn-Foote
And more....

This is a just a sample of the study areas and text books used in the 3 year Traditional Midwifery academic program.

Certificate of Excellence
A Certificate of Excellence can be earned for each completed part of the Traditional Midwifery program and is awarded when a student demonstrates high achievement and excellence in their assignment submission.

For each Certificate Excellence earned, the student receives a free 1 month enrollment extension - no hidden fees, just free. Once a student earns a minimum of 8 Certificates of Excellence, they qualify for the Traditional Midwifery Academic Honors Society.

MSTM students are traditionally high achievers who love to be challenged and commit themselves to learning. MSTM's Traditional Midwifery program is an excellent program for those working toward state or national certification, or for apprentices who want to advance their academic skills, as well as for individuals exploring midwifery or planning on an independent community centered midwifery practice or opening a birth center. Certificate of completion issued.

Traditional Midwifery Certification and Diploma Program

Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery, Midwife Education

Students wishing to gain a Certified Traditional Midwife (CTM) Diploma must meet the general program requirements as stated above and then apply for CTM program extension to acquire the required, documented births, prenatal experience and preceptor evaluations. The 2 year academic program must be completed first to qualify for enrollment in the Traditional Midwifery Arts Diploma and Certification program.

For a complete program description and enrollment application please order an MSTM school catalog.

Traditional Midwifery
Academic Honor Society

Traditional Midwifery Academic Honor Society

MSTM is proud to initiate the first academic Honor Society ever instituted for Midwifery studies.

Mu Omicron Mu lauds the accomplishments of students who achieve above average academic excellence and encourages such student to take a longer view of their potential contribution to Midwifery. A students midwifery diploma and official transcripts will note this special honors award.

The primary objective of Mu Omicron Mu is to serve as a means of awarding distinction to those of high scholarship and promise of achievement in the field of Traditional Midwifery. Mu Omicron Mu endeavors to help traditional midwifery students attain a clearer appreciation of midwifery and the service of guardianship of the normal birth process, to promote further interest in the study and preservation of traditional midwifery, to foster and encourage the spirit of sisterhood, friendship, support and service among students of Traditional Midwifery.

Mu Omicron Mu exists to honor outstanding scholarship in the study of Traditional Midwifery; to encourage interest in Midwifery, and subjects related to the childbearing year among MSTM students at all levels; to promote an attitude of service of its members towards their fellow MSTM students, and the greater midwifery community; to provide recognition of persons who have academically excelled in the study of Traditional Midwifery at MSTM.

Advanced academic scholarship demonstrated by a minimum of 8 Certificate of Excellence awarded in the Traditional Midwifery Program.

Students are strongly encouraged to strive for this special Honor through diligent work on all assignments. This is a unique and prestigious award.