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In 2011, MSTM Founder and Director Casey Makela was featured, along with 24 other midwives, in the "inspiring" new book:    Into These Hands: Wisdom from Midwives.
Watch the video trailer below which features a beautiful waterbirth!

Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery program Director, midwife education.
Director's Welcome

Dear Student of Midwifery;

Thank you for visiting our web site. Your interest in midwifery is no doubt very heartfelt and we appreciate the time you are taking to learn more about our educational programs.

If your heart desires to serve women in birth-work, then you have an exciting and challenging journey ahead of you that will be unlike anything you have ever done before, or will ever do again. If becoming a midwife is your calling, then there is a great deal for you to consider as you step forward to accept the torch of experience that will be passed on to you someday.

At Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery, the instructors, mentors and wise women educators, have been - and are - experienced midwives, with years of accumulated knowledge and skills. These are women who authentically and passionately live (or have lived) the life of midwifery and birthwork, in all of its complexities, with undeterred determination. Evaluating your work like mothers and grandmothers preserving and passing on precious sacred traditions, they read and listen to your “story” with patient wisdom as your work reveals to them the depth of your commitment. They respect the individual that you are and the way that you learn. They give you the freedom to evolve and explore, and your uniqueness is honored.

Students evolve through their work and their potential unfolds. The academic process of becoming a midwife should be a progressive one where each step forward becomes more steady and sure. As your mind begins to digest and process the information that you study in the Traditional Midwifery program, your own work begins to illuminate your path and eventually becomes one of the greatest resources you will ever own. It will become a record of your midwifery academic journey; a valuable volume of information that will be an asset to you for the rest of your life; a document representing your commitment - unique to you - because you became the architect of your education.

It is essential therefore that students considering our programs realize first that they must have a well developed attitude and the personal skills needed for success. These skills include being able to work independently, show initiative and have a positive disposition, along with good organizational skills, and motivated work habits. These things are a must.

At Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery, there are no slippery sales slogans to garner your enrollment. Our enrollment process is uncomplicated and straight forward. No one will recruit you or pressure you to enroll. Instead of expensive ads, we invest in Scholarships for our students. We do our very best to keep tuition affordable, and our programs are both comprehensive and student friendly.

More importantly, there is no easy way offered to any perspective student for quick academics or convenience modules. The Traditional Midwifery program is not for students of a minimalist mind set. MSTM’s Traditional Midwifery program does indeed offer valuable flexibility, but, if you do not have the reasonable time or resources to invest in your education in the first place, this program is not for you.

At MSTM, we offer you the opportunity of a lifetime - the chance to give your all and commit yourself to the making of a midwife.

Birthing women deserve to be attended by midwives who are willing and able to give their all in every single way. Midwifery students at MSTM are tempered, tested and most of all challenged - and when the final exam is over, they have ever so much more than a piece of diploma paper. They have earned the right to take their place among those select women who have gone before them in MSTM’s Traditional Midwifery program; they have earned the right to say with pride that they are an MSTM graduate. They have become part of the living history (herstory!) of midwifery by graduating from the only midwifery school in the United States ever licensed by any state to offer a Traditional Midwifery Vocational Arts Certificate program. It is a lot to be proud of, it is a lot to live up to - birthing women deserve no less then the best. Do you have what it takes?

If you can say "yes", we are here for you with open arms, ready to pass on this time honored tradition. Welcome dear sister!

Yours in Peace and for Birth Freedom;
Casey Makela, CTM

NOTE:    I would like to extend my deepest appreciation to my daughter Hannah, who lovingly and thoughtfully allowed the use of her image in the new MSTM logo. She is carrying her son (my grandson!) Johnathan. Hannah apprenticed and attended many births with me from the time she was only 11 years old and I wrote about her involvement in homebirth as part of my own story in the book: Into These Hands, Wisdom From Midwives (see link below). Hannah has worked very closely with MSTM for many years, and she is currently in nursing school working on her RN degree. MSTM alumni, you may have taken one of Hannah's body casting or DOULA classes at a past Midwifery Skills workshop!

Are you doing all that you can to foster sisterhood and welcome new midwifery interest?
Find out why you should - read Casey's article on:

The Art of Nurturing: A Primary Skill of Mothers and Midwives
by Casey Makela   Published in Birth Gazette, Spring 1997

In 2011, Casey Makela, Founder of Michigan School of Traditional Midwifery, was honored to be selected as one of the 25 midwives whose life story is featured in the new book,
Into These Hands: Wisdom from Midwives. Watch the video trailer
below for the book (including a beautiful water birth), and scroll down for ordering information.
Turn off background page music first, here:

Let the amazing stories of midwives inspire you!

Into These Hands, wisdom from midwives©
edited by Geradine Simkins

"....a comprehensive anthology of the life stories of 25 remarkable women who have dedicated their lives and careers to the path of midwifery and social change.

The stories deliver a compelling historical perspective on the culture of childbirth in America, insight into what really matters to women, wisdom about how to properly welcome newborns into their families, inspiration about how to courageously take charge of one’s life, and clear guidance for reforming our maternity care system."

- quoted from     www.WisdomFromMidwives.com

Ordering information here: www.WisdomFromMidwives.com

“The women who share these stories are more than midwives—they are visionaries, revolutionaries, healers and heroes. This book is for anyone, like myself, who lives in awe of midwives, and if that does not include you, be prepared to be converted.”    - Ricki Lake, actor, television host, executive producer of the documentary, The Business of Being Born

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